dBA Monitor s a professional and certiified software for noise level metering and logging.

Made to send Decibel Metering data to eRuido Cloud and also store audios and text files locally.

Display current noise levels to your PC screen,

or TV.

Plot of last hour levels, daily levels, audio alerts, percentile, spectrogram, Leq, LDen, L10-L90, etc.

Create highly sofisticated monitoring solutions. 

Customize application colors, plot time span, logo image so it will look alike with your corporate look and feel! All data is open and accesible, so you can integrate into other systems with no hassle.

Use dBA Monitor at cities, schools, industries, noisy neighborhoods, dance floor, condos, airports or any place where proper acknowledge of noise levels is required or suggested.

dBA Monitor will store text files with a list of records, storing time and sound pressure level at 1 second interval. for a predefined time until closing and creating a new file.





Datalogging files are easy to read or plot by any spreadsheet software, or node red.


It will store records into SQL Server as well if you need a database backend for your analysis, there you are.


dBA Monitor needs you to adjust acoustic offset

to match 1uP with 94dB @ 1KHz

to perform a calibrated measurement.


We sell microphone UM19 based on ARM M4 and USB AUDIO 

wich we will ship with a constant measured at our lab.


A USB audio microphone with a compatible calibrator is highly suggested.


Try Umik-1, Dr Jordan Design, or try our own Microphones made just for eRuido performance.


If you are in need of measuring as soon as possible, you may start measuring, but you will need a calibrated source at some moment so you can present your data as calibrated decibels.


You may do a non professional calibration using some other sound pressure level meter with a stable noise source and match both measurements.


Measurement range wil depend on both microphone and sound card self noise.


We suggest you to use a measurement USB microphone, like UMIK-1 AND Dr Jordan Design. Both are better than 0.1 dB precision .


It is compatible also with the last Noise Sentry RT128 wich now ships with a fully linear usb Audio Codec in place!!


We have tested dBA Monitor with Umik-1 microphones, Dr Jordan Design ATD4,


Using ANALOG Input Card  with USB audio interface, we read line leves from SPLM AC output. Usually connecting by means of a 3.5mm miniplug.


Regular sound level meters capturing AC output with a low noise high range sound card. 


We make custom microphones  on request too. 


Sound card or microphone should be able to sample sounds at 48KHz.


Software user interface is English


Upgrades does not need a new registration


Our company will provide you with 4 hours of remote support to help you install and setup your dBAMonitor software. We will provide 6 months of  eRuido Cloud Service Starter  so you will be able to see anddownload your DBAMonitor measurements from our cloud.  

dBAMonitor R9 Sound Level Meter Software



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